Who We Are

We Are Passionate People

Passion drives innovation, and innovation is the cornerstone of awesome stuff. We stay passionate, so expect your dreams to be realized in an awesome way.


We bring a huge variety of skills to the table. Art direction, design, data-driven digital strategy, product strategy, operations optimization... we offer a mixed bag. We can help you position and market a product, design a new web site or marketing campaign, or help you to formalize your entire product strategy. When we say we build dreams, we mean it - so bring any ideas you have to us, and we'll make something amazing, together.

    • Analyzing
    • We use data-driven analysis techniques to help you position your product. In depth examination of your target market niche, your target demographics, and your main competitors allows us to provide a comprehensive analysis on your product strategy, and modify it to reach your goals most effectively. We've developed tools such as TrendSpotr to help us achieve this.

    • Designing
    • We have over a decade's collective experience in art direction and user experience design. By marrying our creativity with our technical ability, we are able to come up with innovative designs and breathtakingly intuitive interfaces. We make sure that each design we do is manageable by you, and have developed pequeñoCMS to help deliver an easy to use and simple to manage product. We have an impressive amount of teaching experience as well, so excpet to be trained on how to use all of the nifty new tools we give you.

    • Building
    • With years of experience of hacking projects together, we know a thing or two about building products. In addition to our tailor-made design and analysis tools, we have built a multitude of products for fun (some of them even useful), and consistently strive to deliver new and interesting technologies.


It's simple! You supply the vision, and we supply the rest. Our only limit is our collective imaginations - when you tell us your dream, we put all the imagination, creativity, and skill that we've earned with over a decade's worth of design and artistic experience, combined with relevant, real-time market data, towards realizing it. We make sure to start and end with your vision, so you can be sure that your input will be actively sought every step of the way. And the best part is - we only consider our work finished when we see you smile.

    • You
    • Us
    • Phase One
    • The Vision
    • Phase Two
    • The Experience
    • Phase Three
    • The Visuals
    • Phase Four
    • The Creation
    • Phase Five
    • The Deployment

Why We Are Who We Are

Every day, we remain mindful of our values, and continue being who we are - a group that wants nothing more than to build dreams and deliver smiles.

  • Stay Modest

    We are never full of ourselves. We are aware that everyone, be they the CEO of a fortune 500 company or a brand new intern in a startup, has something to teach us. We keep our ears and our minds open, and try to hear as many stories as possible.

  • Thirst For Knowledge

    We learn something new every day. We want to make sure that we never stagnate - that we keep coming up with fresh, innovative ideas, and keep pushing the boundaries of what has been done.

  • Make a Difference

    We strive to make a difference with everything we do. Whether it's making a difference in our client's lives, or making a difference in our community, we try to leave a positive mark on the world.

  • Make Smiles

    We are passionate about what we do. From desigining the perfect web page to developing a great product strategy, we love being a part of your life, and seeing the smile on your face when your dreams get built.