Smiles Made - Jessica M Dalton

Art, Digitized Disruptive Digital Media teamed up with Jessica Dalton to make her voice heard and unleash her art on the world.

The Artist

Jessica M Dalton, a consummate artist, was freshly home from a tour in the Peace Corps. Full of inspiration (and not a little artistic ability), Jessica wanted to find a way to share her vision with the world.

Disruptive Digital Media Art Showcase

The Challenge

Art is extremely personal. So how does one capture the gallery experience, digitize it, compete in the massively growing online art market, and still maintain integrity and minimize commercialization?

Disruptive Digital Media Data Showcase

The Solution

Data, art, and technology - a successful marriage if ever there was one. A minimalist online gallery served as the launching point for this project. The use of the Etsy API to allow for easy content management and some intense packaging design, pricing strategy, and subject matter research really made this vision start to fly. Jessica now had an effective way to share her art with the world and easily manager her offerings, and Disruptive Digital Media had the pleasure of seeing her smile.

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